Our services

Our offering is based on three mutually reinforcing pillars, enabling us to build a comprehensive and coherent support package for our customers throughout the entire life cycle of a project or product.

Project management

To master the growing complexity of our projects, 4icom has developed advanced methods and tools, tried and tested and constantly improved through our experience on leading European projects.

Industry" support for complex international tenders

Public-sector support in defining solutions, organizing tenders, closing, construction and commissioning

Supporting our customers in preparing their response to a call for tenders (technical brief, compliance with requirements)

Role of Lenders Technical Advisor (LTA) in Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

Management of accreditation or certification projects with competent bodies


4icom relies on a team of experienced engineers who support and advise our customers during the technical phases of their projects, providing specific technical expertise for the design, development, testing and integration of their solutions.

Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) for requirements management throughout the project life cycle

Design, technical and functional description of solutions

Description of test plan and test sequence

Complex systems integration and testing support

Test laboratory for on-board equipment for toll applications

Audit & Research

4icom provides its customers with audit assignments to prepare for the migration of "business" IT systems, or to carry out a gap analysis to adapt high-performance products to the European context.

4icom offers active monitoring of technology, standards and markets. 4icom has active members in certain standardization groups.

Business audits to prepare for migration or to adapt a solution to the European context

Technology and market watch, monitoring regulatory and standards developments

Support for bidders' teams in preparing their technical briefs

Strategic support for the development of new products and services

Preparing and running in-company and out-of-company workshops