Our areas of expertise

Let's anticipate and build tomorrow's mobility together. More than 20 years' experience in mobility gives us an excellent knowledge of the sector, the players and the challenges.

Tolling / Péage

2008 saw the launch of 4icom's Tolling business, based on its recognized expertise in vehicle telematics. Over the course of Ecotaxe projects (2009-2014), the Belgian kilometre tax (2013-2016), and the renewal of the M50 toll system in Dublin (2016 AO- then 2019-2022: construction), 4icom has developed its expertise, tools and methods to support the design, construction and operation of complex tolling projects. Our recognized know-how and references enable us to work on all major projects in Europe and beyond.

Solutions for free-flow electronic tolling systems (GNSS / DRSC / ANPR) and conventional systems

Control/sanction solution for Low Emission Zones (LEZ) and congestion charging

Modeling of CO2, NOx, etc. gains linked to free-flow migration

Modeling the collection chain and associated fraud in a free-flow model

Digitization of customer relations linked to the introduction of free flow

Migration of tolling systems without loss of operation


Implementing interoperability on a European scale is a real challenge, as each member state has its own prerogatives and specificities. This interoperability facilitates use and reduces costs for stakeholders. Since 2009, 4icom has been working with the various players in the value chain to extend interoperability to new projects and major developments.

Definition of the interoperability framework and associated requirements

Development of interoperability tests and parallelization of accreditations

Pooling initiatives to optimize procedures

Support for EETS (European electronic toll collection companies) in obtaining their accreditation in Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.

Support for toll domain collectors in setting up accreditation procedures: Alsace, Denmark and the Netherlands

Tools and methods for monitoring accreditation phases, including toll domain compliance matrices

Intelligent Transport

Intelligent transport lies at the crossroads of different sectors and technologies. They foreshadow the mobility of tomorrow. 4icom started out in this sector in the 2000s, using automotive telematics to optimize travel and develop active safety. 

Various projects have led us to work on public transport, airports, electric vehicles, car-sharing and its infrastructure, e-commerce issues and zero-emission last-mile delivery.

New ticketing system: ABT (Account-Based Ticketing)

AI serving e-commerce platforms to optimize deliveries

Last-mile delivery in urban areas / Zero Emission

Convergence of city traffic management tools and LEZ control systems

Introduction of electric vehicles in car-sharing fleets

Multimodality with direct application to the stations of the future Grand Paris Express