Groupe 4icom relies on a team of experienced consultants and business experts of different nationalities. Their know-how, agility and successful track record are our assets when it comes to meeting new challenges...

A united and complementary team


Emmanuel Grandserre

Emmanuel Grandserre

Senior Partner /4icom Paris

Sergio Battiboia

Sergio Battiboia

Senior Partner / 4icom Italia

David Alvaro

David Alvaro

Senior Consultant / 4icom Paris

Building and achieving together 

Strong values

Enthusiasm and motivation

We take on interesting projects from A to Z. Renewal is a permanent feature of our varied and rewarding daily routine.

Respect and ethics

We take care to preserve and nurture our open-mindedness and independence. Non-judgmentalism, the right to make mistakes and respect for others are fundamental principles.

Autonomy and empowerment

The key to professional fulfillment lies in the autonomy and trust we place in each individual.

Commitment and integrity

We are committed to helping our employees and customers grow, and vice versa!

Team spirit and cooperation

Autonomy also means helping and supporting each other: you're never alone at 4icom. Collaborative working is a key to our success.

Skills and leadership

For us, a manager is first and foremost a leader who develops the professional skills and know-how of his or her teams.