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4icom is a European Consulting Group invested in Project Management, Engineering, Business Development, leveraging tailor-made solutions designed for complex projects.

Fields Of Expertise

With almost two decades dedicated to shaping innovation in Mobility, 4icom offers a wealth of experience in the sector. Our wide array of expertise allows us to become a true partner, supporting our clients and their challenges with our firm understanding on what the Future of Mobility will be made of.

Road User Charging

Intelligent Transport Systems


Road User Charging (RUC)

Road User Charging encompasses technological innovation, public investment policies (e.g. “polluter pays” principle), intelligent and dynamic traffic management and a vision of a city’s future way of moving.

We have been involved on the last major RUC European projects of the decade in terms of project definition by toll charger, solution design and development by toll operators.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Toll Collection Systems (traditionnal & free flow)
  • National & European interoperability
  • European Toll Service providers
  • Enforcement & Control
  • IT architecture
  • User Assistance

Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems represent a powerful tool to face today’s challenges: reducing pollution, fostering inclusion, limiting traffic congestion, facing high-density city living.

Our vision is that Rail-Road transport convergence should be seen as a key element of future solutions.

Mobile Technology is a main catalyst for innovation in the context of public transport policies.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Intermodality
  • Interoperability
  • New multimodal ticketing system
  • Car sharing / Carpooling / Electromobility
  • Autonomous vehicles


4icom leverages its experience in the Road User Charging sector to help actors lead complex projects in the field of Infrastructure Management.

With both technological and economic foci, we are involved in different industries such as Airport Infrastructure, Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure, Motorway Infrastructure.

Our proven methods are especially perfectly transferable to the demanding airport environment where high level precision and reliability are required.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Infrastructure dimensioning
  • Compliance and traceability of requirements
  • Environmental Accreditation
  • Infrastructure Security

Our Services

4icom’s expert support is based on three fundamentals which feed off each other. This exhaustive approach allows us to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients leading to overall greater value impact.

Project Management


Business Development

Project Management

In the face of constantly increasing project complexity and as a result of our vast experience in major European projects over the last decade, 4icom has developed advanced methods and tools with deep rooted technological components and interoperability requirements.
We believe that each project is unique and requires a tailored approach, but that the underpinning factors for success remain the same in all situations: ensuring exhaustivity, coherence and traceability in technical matters; fostering communication between all stakeholders; monitoring and mitigating risks and respecting budgets.


4icom relies on a team of experienced engineers who support our clients in the technical phases of their projects and bring specific expertise to their solution specifications.
4icom has developed strong expertise in the field of certification/accreditation procedures, where deep technical expertise and rigorous project management methods are the key to success.
We also intervene in complex tender processes with a high technological component, where we support the bid teams in the elaboration of technical memorandums.
4icom continously conducts technological field intelligence, notably in the standards domaine. Some of our experts also take part in standardisation bodies.

Business Development

4icom provides expert support to companies looking to develop their business in the field of Mobility, by either researching new opportunities or by finding the right business partner.
4icom is also a valuable partner in helping to validate the potential of a solution on the market or in facing the challenge of a long and complex tender procedure. We can leverage our wide network of clients, partners and experts to provide the analysis and recommendation to make your projects successful.
Our vast experience with clients, ranging from regulators to major industrial actors in the market as well as SMEs, has brought us a deep understanding of the market and a unique sense of its business trends that has proven to be of great value to both new players and established companies.


South Region – Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur / 2018 – Today

Ecomouv / 2009-2014

European Commission / 2015-2017

VIAPASS / 2013-2016

Axxès / 2015-2016

Atlantia – ADR / 2016

Methodology & Tools

4icom’s expertise is guided by a series of methods and tools, which help tackle complexity and ensure the most efficient, exhaustive and compliant outcome to our clients projects.

Accreditation methodologies

4icom’s methods and tools are particularly important in the context of accreditation procedures or solution specification work, which involves the completion of thousands of requirements.

At the forefront of new contexts

These assets are continuously updated and enhanced, to be at the forefront of new contexts and to be continuously enriched by the experience we gather in the course of our projects.

Share and spread our proven methods

Our consultants are expertly trained to master these methods and tools, but also to share them with our clients in order to maximise the value we bring to each project.


4icom relies on a team of experienced consultants and experts from various nationalities and backgrounds. They are involved at all project stages, ranging from economic studies to field deployment.

Emmanuel Grandserre

Emmanuel Grandserre

Senior Partner

Sergio Battiboia

Sergio Battiboia

Senior Partner

Christoph von krockow

Christoph von krockow

Senior Partner

3 European offices

5 nationalities

7 spoken languages


With offices in Paris, Berlin and Rome, 4icom has been helping European private and public actors build and operate innovative mobility solutions since 2000.

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