Axxès / 2015-2016

With a presence in France, Spain, Portugal and Belgium, Axxès is one of the most advanced EETS (European Toll Service) Provider which became the first accredited EETS provider in the Belgium strategic GNSS Toll Domain. Since 2015, 4icom has played a key role in the achievement of the ambitions of Axxès in Europe.

4icom has provided expert support to Axxès in the accreditation procedure in Belgium an dGermany.

Technical support during the certification process

  • Traceability matrix of the requirements
  • Definition of the “use cases”
  • Definition of the test plan and tests description
  • Laboratory tests – monitoring and reporting
  • End to End tests – monitoring and reporting
  • Management of DSRC tests and road tests
  • Support for the interface with Toll Charger Viapass



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October 9, 2017